Bio Energy

NYCS    27-Dec-2017

As the nation takes a fast track towards growth and success, amidst emerging concerns about adopting an inclusive and sustainable approach towards growth that benefits our entire population, energy access and security is one of the key challenges faced by our country today. Energy lies at the core of any country's growth and plays a big role in economic and social development. With conventional energy sources getting scarcer by the day, there is a growing focus on renewable energy sources that can lead to energy independence for the nation.
In the past decade, policy makers in central as well as some state governments have shown considerable interest in bio energy. Instability of oil prices, surging energy demand in the country, and greater awareness about climate change threats due to fossil fuel usage have primarily contributed to this renewed interest in bio energy. However, it is extremely encouraging to witness a phase alongside that is marked by the development of more efficient and cost-effective bio energy technologies. India is currently experiencing a surge in energy demand. Growing import dependence and greater consensus at policy level about the need and utility of tapping into national bio resources for energy supply has created impetus for greater research initiatives, private investment and promotion of bio energy technologies.
NYCS is the proud partner with the petroleum ministry and be reckoned as the largest youth organisation of India having the capacity, reach and passion to bring about a change in building the new India – “Abhinav Bharat”. Our strong network and presence in almost all the districts of the nation makes it possible for us to aid in achieving this massive feat. Together with the ministry we are committed to harnessing the power and potential of Bio energy towards creating energy independent and environment friendly world along with generating new possibilities and avenues of employability and entrepreneurship for our youth.
Bio Energy Urja Utsav 
NYCS India in association with the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas organized a two day ‘Bio Energy Urja Utsav’ on 7th and 8th July 2017 at Shiv Chhatrapati Kridanagari, Balewadi, Pune with the aim to bring into focus various initiatives commenced by GoI in the bio-energy sector for developing an inclusive National policy framework and sustainable mainstreaming of such technologies and the job opportunities therein. Creating awareness amongst Students, Farmers, Technocrats and Citizens about Bioenergy and its social, economic and environmental benefits was the prime agenda. Approx 4200 students of different universities, institutes participated in the Bio Energy Urja Utsav and around 4000 farmers and other participants from different sections of society joined in too. The Inaugural Session was live streamed and viewed by approx. 5,50,000 viewers. The event was a great success. Technical sessions, workshops, exhibition, technical tours to bio plants, a bio diesel rally and several competitions were a part of the programme. This “Abhiyan” aims to create awareness about the benefits and work opportunities in Bio Energy sector for the youth across the nation.
The inauguration received dignified presence of Petroleum Minister Shri. Dharmendra Pradhan, Power Minister Shri. Piyush Goyal, State Revenue Minister Shri. Chandrakant Dada Patil and other eminent MP’s and MLA’s. Officials from other collaborating companies for the Bio Energy Urja Utsav like HPCL, IOCL and BPCL graced the occasion too. NYCS president Shri Rajesh Pande, had the honour to deliver the welcome addressed and he rightly expressed the happiness of NYCS co-hosting Bio Energy Urja Utsav at Pune.
World Bio Fuel Day Awareness Programs
Taking the Abhiyan ahead, various activities to celebrate the World Bio Fuel day in around 100 districts from 10th Aug-13th Aug 2017 were also planned in the follow up. The Abhiyan targeted students, farmers, educationists, policy makers, industrialists and others to spread the awareness on the Bio-fuel advantages. With incomparable energy, the drive has begun, to use bio energy the sustainable energy for India’s future. NYCS believes in opening newer avenues of opportunity for the youth of the country wherever possible.