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NYCS    10-Dec-2017

Youth constitute one third of our total population. A significant number of the youth are in the vicious circle of poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. A large number of youth do not have the opportunity of steady income generating avenues. As a result, a large chunk of our youth does not form part of the mainstream of National Development.
 Many departments, agencies and NGO's have over the year conducted in addition to other programmers, vocational training to impart functional skills with a view to make the youth economically productive citizens. It has, however, been realized that besides skill development, it will be necessary to provide counseling, finance, institutional and infrastructural support to the youth in order to launch meaningful economic activities for gainful self employment.
Youth of our country are highly idealistic and potent change agents. Cooperative is considered as one of the most effective Institutional mechanisms for a sustained economic development programme for empowering the youth.
About NYCS
National Yuva Co-operative society Ltd. (NYCS Ltd.) is multistate, multipurpose cooperative institution which works towards making the youth economically independent by engaging them in various employment or self employment related activities. The organization was formed in 1999 and registered under the section 7 of the Multistate Cooperative Societies Act 1984. The main activities of NYCS are facilitating youth, creating self- help groups, entrepreneurship development and capacity building of youth and other stakeholders for their economic empowerment.
NYCS Ltd. has a strong network in 603 districts across India. Since its inception NYCS has focused on developing and nurturing entrepreneurs across India. The beneficiaries are identified and are given Entrepreneurship training which includes Book keeping, marketing skills, soft skills, managerial skills, team management, leadership management and life skills.